Monday, March 29, 2010

Tell Me Truly, O Technocrats!

By nature man is created weak and he is imperfect. But if he is imperfect, he is not left helpless or deserted by Almighty god to rail victim to his shortcomings. Rather he is empowered by revelations,supported by reason and logic, fortified by freedom of choice and guided by various social and physiological dispositions to seek and achieve relative perfection.

I want to ask all the technocrats (people who are experts in science and engineering and all those who have lot of political, financial and social power) of the global village to answer these reasonable, rational and logical questions.

Is he rich who has everything to eat but cannot eat or he who can eat anything lawful and has something to eat.

Is he rich who has mountains of wealth but cannot buy even a piece of peace or he who has no penny in his pocket but has plenty of peace in his heart.

Is he rich who has palace but cannot live in or he who has nothing to roof his head but can sleep anywhere without consuming sleeping pills.

Is she beautiful who has heaps of costly clothes but do not wear them, as a symbol of slavery to fashion and creation or she who has simple clothes but cover herself from top to bottom as a part of piety and modesty-Truly its the nature of animals to be naked and not of women.

Isn't he a fool, mean, and a selfish one who degrades his women to the lowest degree in the name of modernism and feminism and say 'we honor them and give them their freedom more than anyone else can’.

Are that civilized nations whose people cleans their homes, their surroundings but not themselves with water after answering the nature’s call and swap their life partners with others. Indeed it's the nature of pigs to do so and not of human beings.

Isn’t he (judge) a moral traitor who try to deflower our daughters, sell the dignity and chastity of our sisters by passing out the order saying 'Having premarital sex is not an offence' (An order was passed by supreme court of India on 23rd march which seems to fulfill the interest of the Zionist.)

Isn't he a big liar and a brutal killer who kills human beings with bullets and bombs and animals with drugs and injections (research) and say at the same time 'Killing animals in this century is a ruthless act'

Is he a think tank who cannot offer solutions to his own problems or his family's but tries to offer solutions for the problems of people across the nation?

Is he a leader who cannot lead his own self but lead others by beguiling his own people including himself?

Is he generous who provides funds worth millions for animals but restrict for poor children, orphans and widows.

Is he a terrorist who holds white flag in his hand or who pelts stones against the most coward army of murderers and oppressors or he who kills the kids targets the teens, fire the families and bulldozes the buildings in the name of peace.

Is he an extremist who speaks the truth and practices honesty or he who speaks lies and rubbish purposely to hurt the sentiments of masses especially of Muslims. Truly even fishes in the water, birds in the air and animals on the land would feel pain because of his evil talk, if they were to hear.

Is he a human being who feels pain if his dog dies but not in the least bit if thousands of Muslim children die due to his own manipulated mischief which is manifest.

Aren’t they modern illiterates who use their knowledge, money and technology to spread disease instead of ease, terror in place of peace?

Isn't he the most arrogant who denies the undeniable truth(Islam), who refutes the irrefutable evidence in the name of freedom of choice.

Isn't there any hidden and vulgar intentions behind installing the body scanners at airports, hotels, shopping malls (in future).Isn't that a tool of deception in the name of security. Remember, you cannot deceive others before deceiving your own self first.

Wake up from the slumber of deception, do not get deceived by the awesome deception of the master of deception and do not axe your future with your own hands using your own cutting edge technology.

Rich in reality is he who has found his creator and pleased him and poor is he who has lost his religion. Remember there is no poverty after paradise and no richness after hellfire.

Listen lastly-Following the misguided examples of others often make evil things seem comely. If you still follow the principles of your perished predecessors, then I say unto you that definitely, you are heading towards infinite destruction.


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