Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fire of Fashion & Faith.

Islam promotes fashion in an aesthetic sense like no other religion.One can look amazingly charismatic by dressing up in islamic limits...whereas the western concept of fashion really puzzles me.How can you be fashionable with hardly any clothes on!Seriously this is something to think about for those who go after modernisation.Being fashionable is one thing and to adopt a fashion here or there is another thing.The former is disallowed and the later is allowed.

A muslim male is envisaged in Islam as vivile,dynamic,tough and powerfully masculine.He does not care how he looks and what the people think of him.He is too sure of himself and confident too.A fashionable person is on the other hand somewhat effeminate,who tries to sell himself.His adoption of the latest fashions is a sign of his weak character and personality - Syed Iqbal Zaheer editor of Young muslim digest magazine.

Faith dosent make life easy,it makes it possible.It sees the invisible,believes the incredible and recieves the impossible-Unkown.

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