Thursday, November 06, 2008

ATransient Shade

Shaddad Ibn `Amr said:
“The Hereafter is a true promise
where a powerful king will judge between the people.
The life of this world is full of vanities
that are available for both the pious and the sinner.
There is no plea for him who hears and disobeys,
and no plea against him who hears and obeys.
Don’t take the life of this world as a valuable thing
because it spares none, and don’t reject it
because the Hereafter can be obtained
only through the life of this world.”

"O you of sound health but weak heart! Wake up and run to your Creator with repentance on your tongue, tears in your eyes, and sincerity in your heart. Cry before Him, before others cry for you. Make haste, O heedless one!”

The Life of This World is a Transient Shade
By: Abdul Malik Al-Qasim


Your Sister In Islam(",) said...

wow,i love your blog...(",)

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

Salamunalaik ya ukhti fil islam

May i know...

1) what actally make u love this simple blog?

2) How did you come across it?
Self or somene informed you.

Your Sister In Islam(",) said...

1) this is the first blog i came across that actually plays a nasheed=> how do you do that? if you don't mind telling me. and its very colorful. love the animated pics. but i especially love the quotes on the side, very inspirational words of wisdom. i have written quit a few down=>

2) you were on Hickmets blogroll. so i decided to read it=>


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