Saturday, July 26, 2008

Most Difficult Deeds.

Ali(r) said:"Among deeds,there are four that are most difficult to adorn onself with.These are

1) Forgiveness when angry

Wounds of tongue are never healed.

2) Generosity in hard times.

Little use is wealth to a man when his throat rattles and the breath leaves his chest.

3) Chastity when alone.

One should be shy towards Allah ta'la in private in the same way as one would be shy towards people in public.

4)Speaking the truth to the one that fears it.

Keep to truth though it scorch you with the fire of threatning and seek to please Allah;for the most foolish of mankind is he who angers the master and pleases the slave.

Ya Allah!I ask you a blessing that does not end,contentment that never ceases,knolwedge which is beneficial,sustenance which is good,deeds which are acceptable and for acceptance of your decree.

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