Monday, June 09, 2008

A love which sink you in to the pits of...

A boat requires water around it to sail smoothly,likewise a man needs money around him inorder to survive his life.But just when the water come inside the boat it starts sinking and finally get also when money enters in to one's heart,it start him/her sinking in to the pits of proudness and remeber proudness is the prime quality of people of hell and not of people of paradise.

[Tagabun 64:15] Your wealth and your children are just a test; and with Allah is a tremendous reward.

[Tagabun 64:16] Therefore fear Allah as much as possible, and heed the commands, and obey, and spend in Allah’s cause, for your own good; and whoever is rescued from the greed of his own soul – is they who will be successful.

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