Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Heaven and Hell of Earth.

Allah ta'la has made heaven and hell for everyone of us even on this planet earth.

Isn't it amazing to know?
Have you ever visted them?
Do you know where are they?
IF NO,then let me tell you about them,thier location.

Know that heaven is beneath the feet of your mother and your father is the middle door of it.so whoever enter in to it,hope to enter in the heaven of hereafter(Jannah)

"Only he who is saved far from the Fire and admitted to the Garden, will have indeed attained the object of life [or: been successful]" (3:185)

Know that the hell of this earth is one's grave,whoever is saved from its punishment,hope to be saved from the punishment of hell of hereafter.

Hell is the abode which Allah (swt) has prepared for those who do not believe in Him (swt), those who rebel against His (swt) laws and disbelieve in His Messengers. It is the punishment for His (swt) enemies, the prison for evildoers.
It is the ultimate humiliation and loss; there is nothing worse.

"And fear the fire, which is prepared for the disbelievers" (3:131)

At last it come's to heaven or hell,
Come on my brothers & sisters let's pray,
Decide which now do not delay,
Who know's tommorrow could be you'r day!!!

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Lukman said...

Beautiful post, thanks for sharing !


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