Friday, May 09, 2008

Taqwa is to soul what heart is to body.

Sulaiman bin dawud said:Nothing is better than fear of Allah in secret and in open, justice during times of happiness and sadness,and moderatino in times of poverty and richness.

Zaid bin aslam said: whoever fears Allah people will love him,even if they has previously hated him.

When Ibn'aun was bidding farewell to another man,he said"upon you is to fear Allah,for the one who has taqwa never feels loneliness.

A man asked Hasan bin ali(r):"I have a daughter and people have proposed her,so to whom should i marry her"?

He said: "Marry her to one who fear Allah,for if he loves her ,he will honor her,and if he hates her,he will not wrong her".

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