Monday, April 14, 2008

Seeking knowledge at an Young age is like engraving on a stone.

Abu Bakr al-Katani said:
A discussion about mahabbah took place in Makkah, during pilgrimage season. The Shaykhs who were present spoke about this topic, and al-Junayd being the youngest of them. They said to him: What do you say, O Iraqi? So al-Junayd lowered his head and tears were gushing from his eyes, then he said:

"A servant should overcome his soul,
And be continuous in the remembrance of his Lord,
Establishing the rights of his Lord,
Focusing upon Him with his heart,
The light of fear setting ablaze his heart,
Whilst drinking from the vessel of pure love,
And certain hidden realities being unveiled for him.
So when he talks, it is due to Allah,
When he speaks, it is from Allah,
When he moves, it is by the Command of Allah,
And when he is serene, then it is from Allah,
He belongs to Allah, is for Allaah and is with Allah."

Upon hearing, the Shaykhs all started weeping, and they said:
There is nothing left to add to that, may Allah reward you O Crown of the Knowledgeable Ones.


Sophie said...

Jazakallah akhi!nice blog.keep blogging:)

nNie... said...

i want add your link as my friend to my blog... i need ur permission... can i??? nice to know ur nice blog... salam....

nNie... said...

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jeleasure said...

I have read some of your blog page, randomly. I can see why you say you love "the unbelievable truths of the Quran". The passages I read are a lot like proverbs.


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