Saturday, February 23, 2008

Try-we can,we must..Let's start...

One day the sun was about to set, birds were about to return to thier nest,people were about to return to thier homes,children were about to finish thier play and the blanket of darkness was about to cover the world...before all this could happen the sun raised its voice and enquired in a tone of pride " Is there anyone after me that could light the world"?

A small candle stood up in humility and said in a humble tone: Yes O sun! I will try.
The sun felt ashmed of itself to this answer of a little candle and disappeared behind the mountains.

That little candle started lighting other candles one by one and thus lighted all homes.

So be like a candle,live like it.It burn itself for your sake.
Be humble like the candle,humility is the embroidery of chiefs.
Never look down at other in any way.Every one is unique in thier own way or the other.What you cannot do,others can do it and what others cannot do you can do it.
You can if u try...Stand up like that of that little candle and start doing with what ever you have,wherever you are,whenever you can and to whomever you can.

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