Friday, February 08, 2008

A Pinch of Patience

Ali bin Abi Talib(r) went to ash'ath to console him upon the death of one of his sons.

He said,"If your sad,then you are deserving mercy,but if you are patient,then Allah gives you something in place of what was lost or destroyed.And know that if you are patient,everything that was destined for you and preordained for you will occur and you will be rewarded.If you complain and are hopeless,then likewise all that was destined for you will occur,except that you will be blamed for your impatience at Allah's will.Indeed the one you lost was not your provider,the one who provides for you is ever living and never dies.Indeed when Allah created the world,he decreed destruction for it,and death for its inhabitants.No experience permates a household except that household then become filled with a lesson and no group gathers among themselves except that they will soon be parted and then it is Allah who will be the one who inherits the earth and all that is on it.Whoever from you is crying(for the deceeds) then let him cry over himself.For the destination of your companion is the destination of all people tomorrow".


dalioness said...

ASsalamu alaikum

Could you tell me how this hadeeth is classified and who recorded it? Barak Allah feek

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

walaikum salam.

This is not a hadith but an incident at the time of 4th caliph.

This passage was actually taken from a book 'Gems&Jewels' published by darus salam..I dont have it now but few such passages i have written in my diary while i was reading it last year.


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