Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Inevitable Change.

A constant change is occurring. With every letter I write in this post, we are drawing closer and closer to this revolution. It's prophesised Islamisation of the world. We are now closer to this Islamisation of the globe, than we were 10 seconds ago when I was writing the last sentance. How amazing?
It WILL happen. Islam will dominate the world. Islam will enter every house on which the sun shines. There will not be a single house, except that islam would have entered it by either its inhabitants being Muslims, or that they'll be living under just Islamic rule.
And so whatever happens in the world which we perceive as being a calamity for the Muslims, whether its Israel occupying Palestinian land or America invading Afghanistan, or even the death of Bhutto which may fuel Islamophobia in Pakistan, is in actual fact an event that merely lies on the green road to Islamic globalisation. And it may even serve to be a catalyst, turbo-boosting that change to materialise even quicker.
Therefore, we should never be consumed by grief and depression over calamities that afflict the Muslims, for the promise of God will most definitely come to pass. But nor does it mean that we completely immunise ourselves from feeling the pain of our Muslim brethren, for if we are true Muslims, we will naturally feel an innocent human's aches and pains. So theoretically speaking, I didn't really need to say that last sentance, but howdyho I thought I might as well. Sometimes it's good to state the obvious, but more of that another day.
Be optimistic. And optimist sees opportunities in difficulty, whereas a pessimist sees difficulties in opportunity. But more of that another day, too.
Now since this change will happen inevitably anyway, we generally have two options:
1. To continue with our daily routines, upholding our eemaan, praying, fasting etc. and fulfilling other obligations and carrying out voluntary deeds to be closer to God. The change will happen regardless. And even if we were to do this and just this, we would still contribute to that change albeit on a very low scale.
2. Be active CATALYSTS in this change. To make an active effort to spread Islam i.e. to do da'wah. To follow suit in the way of the major catalysts; The Prophets and the Messengers. To be on the ground, within society bringing about change. Commanding the good and forbidding the evil. Changing yourself, your family, your community, your city, your country, and the world. With every person you guide to goodness, you have sped up the change.
God has decreed for a series of events to happen, and certain personalities to exist whom will speed up this change so that God is worshipped and tyranny and oppression flushed out, leaving just peace and justice blossoming through the lands, every land.
And as such, there is a positive correlation between how much of a catalyst you are, and your position with God. Which is why the messengers are of the highest rank, and their inheritors the Scholars who conveyed Islam, and the matyrs who actively and physically strove to catalyse that change by preventing 'backdrop'.
God knows when there'll be total submittance in the world. And He also knew which of us would strive to catalyse it through actively working in our communities to uphold goodness and morality through da'wah.
Be that noble person,
be God's catalyst.
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Tia said...

thanks for such refreshing perspective and putting many things in context. I think the problem is, we are becoming more and more reactionary, an event occurs and everyone has an opinion about it and what to do about it, but when there are no events there are no opinions.
As you rightly said, we should carry on with our fixed duties as Muslims, carry on doing individual actions, and those concerning haquq al ebad, dawah and trying to live an Islamic life to our best ability.. and the change is inevitable.


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