Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Allah gives & forgives but Man gets & forgets.

Allah calls out: "O My slaves! You sin morning and evening and I forgive all your sins. So call on Me, I will forgive you all your sins." –hadith e qudsi
"Repentance has a door whose span is the distance between East and West"; (and in another version "its span is the distance traveled in 70 years"). "It will not be closed until the sun rises from the West."jist of a hadith
Allah has opened the door of repentance, so shouldn't we enter it?
"Allah extends His Hands in the night to forgive the sinner of the day ,and extends His Hands in the day to forgive the sinner of the night".
And He loves to hear our sorries.
Consider this story:
lt. is reported by a trustworthy man of the past that as he was passing through a street he saw the door of a house open. A woman came out with a child who was crying and pleading while she was pushing him out. She left him outside the house and slammed the door shut in his face. The child left the door and walked a distance. Then he stopped, looked about, began to think, and not finding any other place but his own house where he could take shelter nor anyone who would care for him as his mother would, he returned to his house dejected, sad. He found the door shut. He sat at the sill, put his cheek on the threshold and slept with tear marks on his cheeks. He was in this state when the mother opened the door. When she saw him in this state she could not control herself. She bent down, grabbed him to her bosom, began to kiss him and say in tears: "Oh my boy! My dear child! My very soul! Where were you? Didn't I tell you not to disobey me? Do my bidding, and don't force me to punish you, while I hate to do that." Then she carried the child back and closed the door behind her.
That is the story of a mother and a child: the story of disobedience, punishment, return, forgiveness and unbound love. But the Prophet, sallaAllahu alihi wasallam, has told us that , Allah loves His creation more than a woman does her child-He loves us more than 70 mothers.
Allah whose Mercy encompasses everything,is immensely pleased with a man when he repents and turns to Him.
Component of TOBA:
Regret over the sin
Firm decision,not to repeat the mistake

Ibn mubarak said:"I saw that sins cause haerts to die,that base actions lead to their addiction,that avoiding sins is life for the heart,and that it is better for your soul for you to disobey it.

Allah said: "O mankind!Your rebellion(disobedience to allah) is only against your own selfs".[10:23]

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