Saturday, May 05, 2007

Madina:Motherland of Love

Madina:Motherland of Love
by Jaihoon
O Tasbih! 'Tis has been quite long A secret of love Have I made known My soul thrives On love alone Its mission is To reveal the unknown But this time I shall make you speak: Nightingale to quite remain And, Rose shall speak plain Lord has in me inspired A truth to be revealed

O Tasbih! Tell me when in life Would you most joy feel? Reply: "It is indeed the time When I'd meet with 'My Him'"

O Tasbih! Tell me when in life Would you most pain feel? Reply: "It is indeed the time When I'd face my end"

O Tasbih! "Tell me the one in life Whom you love most" Reply: "Love endears remembrance Infidelity comes from Indifference"

O Tasbih! You have always told Truth golden in ways bold Now hear what I say, for This is not a word for play Recall the moment when- Mim reached Highest Heaven Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam Even as he stood closer Than 'two bow lengths' Facing the Ultimate Realty He remembered his faithful folk Recall the moment when Mim had his soul taken Even as Azraeel Hesitantly arrived Love for his caravan In his heart overflowed To his Lord he prayed Death's pain be halved (for them)

O Tasbih! We are among those From his garden a rose W are among those Rays which by Mim glows We are among those Our love for him aroused O Tasbih! He remembered we humans When he stood over the angels

O Tasbih! He remembered we sinners When such devout life was to end His love for us was the most Mothers' wouldn't be as close Madina was The motherland of love Madina is The capital of mercy Madina will Be the gate of paradise How else could the truth reveal Which Lord make this sinner feel My lips can move So that I greet his love My pen can write So that his praises continue My eyes blink Wet can they become in his thoughts My soul is still with me Ah! I can love him in return!

  • The Holy Prophet was not concerned with himself only and he wanted his followers also to be included in the blessings that God invokes upon him so during Miraj he said: Assalam-o alayna wa 'ala 'ibadillah-his saliheen"
  • "There is no god but Allah. Death is full of agonies." [Sahîh al-Bukhârî, 2/640]

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