Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Simpler The Better...

A brothers(Eftekhar saaleh) recent story about his Nikah which went viral on social media

So here it goes.. When I was planning on getting married I had in the bank a grand total of £300. The fee to get married (for the Imaam in ELM to do the nikaah) £100.. that leaves me with £200.
The dowry was agreed by my wife at £200 but the Imaam insisted on the day that I raise it to £500... so agreed (but it was to be paid at a later date)
I got married in East London Mosque... which was attended by around 20 males and 15 women (friends and close relatives). After the Nikaah (which was done in the prayer hall) was done... All the women (mum nani sisters aunties went to Maaidah grill booked a cubicle and munched on a few platters)
All the (20) men went to my good friend Shuaib Rahman house behind ELM.. where we all sat on the floor in his living room and ate curry and rice which was prepared by my good friend Abdul Wadud. After that we drink tea, had a laugh then went home around Asr time (nikaah was done after Zuhr salah).. The day was done... The next day I checked my bank balance still had £200... alhamdulilah
I did not wear  fancy clothing, no turban no Aladin shoes... Just my black thobe..No hall was booked no limo was rented... I gave my wife no jewellery... Nothing. All I had was me (lol) and my small studio flat. Oh I forgot to mention I was jobless.. P.s My wife later waved the £500 dowry.
As broke as me and my wife was ... alhamdulilah it didn't matter at all... and what we have now... SubhaanAllah Only Allah has account of what he has given us since... I would tell you but I don't want no hasad coming my way wink emoticon
I feel sooo sorry our young Muslim brothers and sisters when I hear about their situation and the pressure their parents put them through. It a real tragedy in my view.

P.s This post is not a dig at those who spend Thousands on their weddings. IF you got it Alhamdulilah but if you ain't I'm here to let you know you CAN have a special day without breaking the bank... Remember it is YOU and your wife's special day.. If your happy then I promise you those who wish good for you will be happy even if you only fed them dry dates and milk at the feast.
The Messenger of Allah said: “The most blessed wedding (nikah) is the one with the least expenses.” (al-Bayhaqi)

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