Thursday, July 03, 2014

QQ from Q8.

Dear brothers & sisters  I couldn't make up the QQ Quickly this time as its already 5th day of ramadhan here in kuwait (Q8) but  nevertheless  i have come up with these few easy questions for you. ANSWER them on your own and send it at before 29th of this month and the prize is kept private. 

1.Name a sura whose every verse ends with د
2.which is the first and best quality of wife mentioned in Qur'an?
3.Which form of worship is considered as the biggest one as per Qur'an?

4.Name a sura which do not have in it the letter ف

5. Name two sura's  whose names remains the same if reversed.

6.Name a sura whose every verse end with the letter ر of  رمضان 

7. Name a sura which has 27 attributes of Allah (swt) and a sura in whose every verse the word الله repeats.

8. 'Prayer is the key to paradise'. Name a sura which begins with a name of prayer and ends with paradise (in arabic).

9.The arabic word القرآن الكريم has names of two sura's in it.can you find it out?

10.Mention one verse which contains all alphabets of arabic in it.

11.Name a sura which is considered as an important part of  every prayer except one, and if it's first letter is removed it becomes a name of a place in yemen.

12.Name a sura in quran which in itself is the topic of Qur'an.

13.Name a sura which has metal in it.

14. Who were the three who were not the prophets of Allah but are mentioned in Qur'an.

15.Name four big disbelievers mentioned by name in Qur'an.

16.Name the companion of prophet whose name appears in quran and mention the verse.

17. What is the reason of keeping sura fatiha in the beginning of Qur'an.

18. Mention the verses were in, the name of the last prophet appeared.

19.What is the secret number of Qur'an and why?

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