Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A Story that will touch all our hearts.

Close to the border of Vietnam and Cambodia, Our goal was to hand out the AKIKAH and Sadaqah entrusted to us by our donors.   I met this Auntie on the side of the road and she stopped and stared right into my eyes and said something quietly.

I watched the tears fall from her eyes as she looked deeper into my eyes and then as if she was looking into my heart.  It seemed like she was speaking to me and I could understand the pain she had gone through.

She kept on looking into my eyes and said the same words again, but this time in a louder voice.

I asked our translator what she had said.

She said " My Grand Father spoke of men of legends who where Muslims with beards tall and strong who once came to our lands to help the poor and needy. They had promised to return once again to help us"

"Alhamdulillah Allah swt has sent you once again, please don't leave."

Subhanallah I broke down in tears, not knowing what to say,  I only felt embarrassment and regret for not helping the needy and Orphaned when I was younger.

~Taken from face book.

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