Thursday, February 20, 2014

Indeed, whoever fears Allah,He will provide for them.

Last week, a viral video showed this Sudanese Shepperd who refused to accept 200 Riyals ($54) to pretend that he has lost one of the sheep of his owner despite his desperate need, and he said: "Even if you give me 200 thousand, by Allah I will not accept. What am I going to do when I go to my grave and meet my Creator? If I do, I'm afraid the sky will collapse on me." Allahu Akbar!

Today, the Sudanese embassy and famous scholars honoured him and handed him just that, 200 thousands riyals! He said he will use it to help his family and parents do Hajj and build them a home. Indeed, whoever fears Allah, He will provide for them, so live within your means and seek His help. You will own the Akhirah and the Duniya will come to you too.

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