Thursday, August 08, 2013

If and Only If...

"If the hearts of the Muslims pronounced the takbir (i.e. saying ‘God is the Greatest’) as much as their tongues do on ‘Eid, then the face of history would have changed. If they always gathered as much as they do for Salat al-‘Eid, then they would have defeated the enemy legions. If their souls embraced as much as their hands shake one another, then they would have been able to deal with their differences. If their souls smiled as much as their lips do, then they would have been with the people of the heavens. If they sacrificed their ego and selfishness as much as they sacrificed their animals, then all of their days would have been ‘Eid. And if they had worn the garments of good character like they wear the best of clothes, then they would have been the most beautiful nation on the face of this earth."

- Mustafa al-Siba'i (rahimahullah)

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