Friday, May 10, 2013

Distinction is earned by achievement.

A rich man said:

I have no special feelings about being the richest man in the world. I live an ordinary life in a modest apartment with my wife. I do not  drink or smoke and I do not like the billionaire lifestyle as depicted in news papers, with luxury yachts, mansions in country sides, noisy parties and marriage too beautiful girls, which usually ends in divorce with settlements costing millions of dollars.

I like working and I'm happy to work. I usually take my lunch with me to eat it in the workplace. I d not feel happy when I think about all the millions I own. What makes me happy is when I remember how I helped to change my home town of Tokyo from a humble town to a capital city that is the focal point of word attention with its modern architecture that I brief, my happiness comes from my achievements.

Beaver brook said: “I accumulated a great deal of wealth, but i realized from experience that persisting in that game—the game of accumulating wealth—was very dangerous and had no end, and it would consume my life and happiness. So, i changed my profession and found a job i liked in the publishing field, which did not generate much wealth, but it brought me happiness and served society. I advise every man who has accumulated enough wealth to suffice him, to stop playing this money-game and retire early, so he can enjoy what he has achieved and plan to do the work that he likes, so tat he can serve society and enjoy his time.”

-Taken from One of the books of Dr. Aidh al-Qarni

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