Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I s r a e l i s r e a l Terrorist

Gadhey ko zafraan ki kya qadar~A urdu saying which means only wise people know the value of nice things.

For intelligent minds to understand and correlate with the current situation of Gaza : 

You cannot blame lions to eat up your family if you kill their Cubs and capture their Den. 

If you do not respect their existence, expect resistance. 

- Br. Faizan Shaikh

When comparing what is happening in Gaza today and the war few years back, we find that the Muslims are gaining momentum. Their rockets are becoming more sophisticated and accurate. They are obeying Allah’s commands in preparing for the enemy with whatever is possible. When Muslims die, we are happy for them as they are martyred. The disbelievers are terrified from dying because this is the only l
ife they know and they are certain of the torment that awaits them after their death. The Prophecy of the Prophet salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam is about to be fulfilled. When this happens, nothing would save them as even the rocks and trees would speak and call the Muslims to kill those hiding behind them. It is only a matter of days and the victory of Allah is coming!~ 
Assim Alhakeem

To the oppressors of the world:

Listen O rulers, if you have forgotten the source of your birth then let me remind you this....

Following the misguided examples of others often make evil things seem comely and If you still follow the principles of your perished predecessors, then I say unto you that definitely, you are heading towards infinite and irreversible destruction.

O Arrogants ! Alas to dust we are return,some shall rejoice while others burn.Decide today,do not delay,for who knows tomorrow could be your day.

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