Monday, October 29, 2012

Love Unbeatable!

Man saves money for 60 years to perform Haj

An 80-year-old Bangladeshi farmer has spent nearly 60 years of his life saving money to perform pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia and his dream was fulfilled this year. But his wish to die in Makkah was
 evidently not achieved.

Abu Al Kalam said he had not thought of marriage so he can save enough to travel to Saudi Arabia to join millions of other Moslems in performing pilgrimage this week.

“I started saving when I was 20 years old…I saved enough to go to Haj two years ago but I was not lucky enough in the visa,” he told Aljazeera online news network.

“This year I was granted visa and I travelled to Makkah….I have worked very hard at the farm to save money for Haj…before I came here, I sold all my possession to devote myself for the pilgrimage…I have begged God the Almighty to take my soul here in Makkah since the very first moment I stepped into the holy land.” [Emirates 247]

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