Thursday, September 06, 2012

Funny anecdotes!!!

1) One layman told a shaykh "photography for memories is okay, as its clear in the quran" so the shaykh said to him: which ayah is this that you stumbled upon that no one else has? the layman said: "the daleel is His saying: "and remember, verily remembrance benefits the believers !!!

2) A layman asked the Mufti: 

“When the Muslims are praying and a lion suddenly enters their Masjid - what should they do? Do they still have to continue with their salaah?” 

The Mufti answered: 

“Yes, if they still have their wudhu”

3) A Christian preacher came to Afghanistaan to convert Muslims to Christianity. He was preaching day and night about Isa (alayhisalaam) for many years! After many years of preaching he shouted very passionately to his Muslim audience: 


He meant Jesus, but the Muslims thought he was talking about Prophet Muhammad all those years, so they all responded: 

“Peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad!!!!!!”

The Christian preacher started crying because they didn’t understand anything of his speeches and he left the city.

4) A lay man asked a scholar:

 "If I literally bite my brother on his back, would that be considered backbiting? Would I have to restart my muraqaba dars?"


If he enjoys it, it is fine in private, but unmanly in public.

If with desire, haram.

If he does not like it, then it is disliked.

If it causes pain, it would be prohibitively disliked.

If it causes serious harm, it would be haram.

In none of the cases would it be considered backbiting, unless it uncovers something about your brother that he does not like uncovered (such as a phobia or physical/emotional weakness).

And Allah knows best.

5)  Once, a ten-year-old boy was praying feverishly in prostration, “O Allah [swt], the Most Merciful, the Magnificent, Make Faisalabad [a small city of Pakistan] the capital of Pakistan, make Faisalabad the capital of Pakistan…” Her mother overheard him and inquired, “Why would you pray so, my child?” The boy answered, “Well, Mother. We had a question on our final exam which asked, “What is the capital of Pakistan?” and I mistakenly put “Faisalabad” as my answer.Although, we cannot help but laugh at the naivete of the innocent child, his trust in his supplication to Allah (swt) and his belief that his prayer will be heard is quite admirable

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