Thursday, September 27, 2012

Advices- Beautiful & Meaningful.

1) Buy the best & latest mobile, laptop, gadget or vehicle of your own choice! It remains the best & latest for you until you come across a later model!

Suddenly your heart begins to silently or violently demand the newer one, yet yours always served your purpose.

Had you never seen the later one, yours would have always been the latest & best!

Moral is never allow yourself to run behind the world because there is no end to it!

Lower your gaze & be satisfied with what is yours - especially in marriage :-)

2) Early to bed and early to rise are habits taught by the Messenger pbuh.

Those who unnecessarily or habitually delay going to bed may not realize the harm to their mental, physical, spiritual & social well being.

Similarly those who get up very late each day, allowing laziness to overpower them would have their share of obstacles & negativeness as a result.

Once this becomes a habit, it can lead

to the break up of marriages, feuds within the families, flaring of tempers, loss of income, failure at school or work, loss of concentration, a constant lethargic feeling and becoming an irritation to those we live with.

It can also cause deep unexplained discontentment, sadness or even put us into a depressive mode.

We must fight laziness to succeed!

3) Hospitality is not gauged by how many dishes we have cooked, but by the warmth & sincerity of the heart, even if a single dish is served.

Many people feel that they must cook many different dishes to impress the guest, but don't realise that true blessing is in simplicity.

Our families would be much happier & our relationships much stronger if we returned to single dish meals.

Whilst we are busy fighting over what dish we want to eat, many on the globe have no choice, as they have no food!

Whilst some are dying of hunger, others die due to overeating. Be moderate to be thankful.

4) Those who want to live a life of luxury even though they know that they cannot afford it have none other than themselves to blame when their life is torn apart!

We should never be shy or hesitate to downgrade our entire lifestyle when our earnings have been affected.

Husbands become stressed, wives complain, children develop bad habits ultimately disintegrating the once cosy home, solely because we choose to live a fake life to display to others that we have what we cannot really even afford!

The above  pieces of advices are from the renowned scholar Mufti Ismail Menk  

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