Friday, August 17, 2012

Guess The Gift!

A newly wed couple were to celebrate the eid for the first time . On the night prior to eid, the following conversation took place between them.

H - What gift would you like to have on the eve of eid?
W - Could you give me a gift for a life time instead of just on the eve of eid?
H - Alright, why not ? but  it should  be within my reach and means.
W - Surely it will be, but know that it's a gift which is highly expensive , yet you need not  have to spend even a penny to buy it, a gift which you cannot find in any of the malls of the world and it's a gift which is rarely gifted in today's' times.
H - O I see... what a strange gift it would be then .May I know, where can i get it from ?
W - It is with you dear and will be with you always...
H - Perplexed! What? with me and always..... please tell me what it is dear. I cannot wait any longer now.

Guess what gift she demanded from him.


Anonymous said...

jazak-ALLAH khair...plz tell us what was the gift

Hamid said...

sure inshallah tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

ok,,barak-ALLAH fik

Mohmoud Cayrow said...

As-Salamu Alaykum,

“A gift which is very expensive , yet need not to have to spend much to buy it, a gift that you cannot find in any mall, and it is a one which is rarely gifted in today's times? “ Must be the man himself – i. e., a quality time with her – I guess! ;-)



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