Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Battle of Beauty.

Men are responsible for their self control and women for theirs. But if you are tempting one to lose their battle with their nafs, by dressing provocatively or shoving yourself at them, then the blame is yours to share. Dressing modestly for the sake of ensuring the gaze of men & women is only one of the many reasons for hijab.

The Muslim woman does not neglect her appearance, no matter how busy she is with her domestic chores and the duties of motherhood. She is keen to look good, without going to extremes, because a good appearance is an indication of how well she understands herself, her Islamic identity, and her mission in life. The outward appearance of a woman cannot be separated from her inner nature: a neat, tidy and clean exterior reflects a noble and decent inner character, both of which go to make up the character of the true Muslim woman.

"Allah has created the angels from intellect but he did not place lust in them, he created animals with lust but did not place intellect in them, but he placed both intellect & lust in humans, therefore he whose intellect overcomes his lust is greater than the angels & he whose lust overcomes his intellect is lower than animals."
-Ali ibn abi thalib (r.a)

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