Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Then I will eat it...

Once a delegation of guest came to visit Mulla Umar. Fresh bread, cream, tea and other 
delicacies were brought for the guests and they all began to eat heartily except Mulla 
Umar. He refused to touch the cream or the bread. His guests ushered him to eat
with them but he refused.
His advisors also urged him to eat with the guests, indicating that there was nothing 
wrong with him eating this food since it had not been brought especially for him; it was 
brought for the guests and he was the host. He still refused. A few moments later, a 
worker brought in a bowl of plain soup together with some hard, stale bread. Mulla Umar
 proceeded to break the hard bread with his hands and eat it with the soup. Upon being 
asked the reasons for his refusal to eat the cream, Mullah Umar said:
“When the lowest person in my country eats this food, then I will eat it.”

[Azzam Publications]

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