Sunday, March 25, 2012


The right of your child is that you know that he has emerged from you in this world; his right and wrong are attributed to you. You are responsible of his fine teaching and training, guiding him to his Lord, Almighty and Glorious, and, assisting him to obey Him. Therefore, be sure that if you do a favour to your child, you will obtain it; and if you act viciously against him, it will come back to you.~Tarbiyat-e-Aulad.

When a father beats his child it is like putting manure on a young crop.
It should be your aim to display more kindness towards your child than the kindness that he displays towards you.If you scold a child, then leave him room to turn away from his wrong action, so that you do not leave him with obstinacy as his only way out.

Do not force your children to behave like you, for surely they have been created for a time which is different to your time.
The child is the master for seven years and a slave for seven years and a vizier for seven years; so if he builds a good character within 21 years, well and good, otherwise leave him alone because you have discharged your responsibility before Allah~ Hazrath Ali (r)


Miss.O said...

AsSalaamualaika! I've tagged you here.

Hamid said...

walaikum salam.

May I know what made u tagg me?


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