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She couldn't see his face for three months.

It has been four years since they got Married , but the couple was not blessed with a child. One night the couple began to whisper to each other: "why don't we have kids ? Its more than fours years by now. I guess, there is a problem amongst us.The whispering, eventually became noisy.

Un known to anyone, the husband and wife each went to one doctor for consultation, and conduct the examination. The lab results revealed that the wife is a woman who is barren, while her husband does not have any problem and there is no hope for her to recover in the sense that no opportunity for him to conceive and have children.

Seeing  the result, the husband said: wa inna inna lillahi ilaihi raji'un, then connected it with the words: Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal !

The husband entered the room alone at the doctor's lab and allowed his wife to wait in the waiting room which separated women from men.

The husband said to the doctor: "I'll call my wife to enter the room, but, please, will you explain to my wife that the problem is with me, while she did not have any problem.

He offered to the doctor who refused and was amazed. However, the husband continued to force the doctor, the doctor finally agreed to tell his wife that the problem does not exist with her but with her husband and there was no hope for a child.

The husband calls his wife, who had long waited for. The wife  entered the doctor's cabin.The doctor opened the envelope infront of her, then read it and said: "... Oooh, you are barren, while your wife is not a problem, and there is no hope for you to heal.

Hearing the announcement of the doctor, the husband said: wa inna inna lillahi ilaihi raji'un, and looked at her wife with a  face of someone who surrendered to the making up and Qadr Allah SWT.

Then the couple went home, and slowly but surely, spread the word about the secret to their neighbors, relatives and friends.

Five  years have passed from the scene and husband and wife to be patient, until came the moment which was very tensed, where the wife says to her husband: "O my husband, I have been patient during the past nine  years, I bear-resistant to be patient and did not ask for a divorce from you, and so far all the people have said: "how good and faithful the wife is to accompany her husband for nine years, when she knew of her husband , he will not get offspring ". However, now it seems I can no longer be patient, I want you to immediately divorce me, so I can marry another man and have offspring from him, so I could see my children, cuddle and nurture them.

Hearing his wife's emotions , the husband said: "My wife is a trial from Allah SWT, we must be patient". 

Finally the wife said: "OK, I'll hold my patience for another year, remember, just one year, no more". Her husband agreed, and in itself, filled with great hope, that Allah SWT may give the best solution for both.

A few days later, his wife suddenly became ill, and the lab results revealed that the wife was suffering from renal failure. Hearing the news, the wife's psychology and emotions  took  a big toll . She said to her husband: "All this is because of you, I always kept my composure, and now I'm like this, why don't you immediately divorce me, I do want to have kids, I want a baby, ...". The wife was at bed rest in the hospital.At that juncture, her husband suddenly said: "Sorry, I have a job overseas, and I hope you will be fine very soon Inshallah". "Haah, go!". Said the wife. "Yes, I would go out and look for a kidney donor, may be". Said the husband.

The day before the surgery, the donor came to the bedside of his wife and said  that tomorrow will be the installation operation of the donor's kidney.

At that time the wife was  reminded of her husband, she said within herself: "What a husband i got' I am undergoing operation, and uh....he just left me ".

Anyhow, operation was succeeded very well. After one week, her husband came back.

And Subhan Allah ...

After nine (9) months of operation, his wife gave birth to a child. Then there was a  rejoicing smile and joy in their life.

One day, the husband with no further official duties, forgot to keep his diary from the desk, a diary which he had kept hidden all this time. And unintentionally, the wife got the diary, she opened it and started reading it.

She almost fell unconscious when she found the secret about herself and her household. She bawled. After she somewhat subsided, she called her husband, and wept uncontrollably, she repeated many times and apologyized to her husband. And even after the event, for three months, the wife did not dare to look at her husband's face. If there was a need, she spoke with her face down.

Know that the donor was no other man but the husband himself. Yes, her husband had donated a kidney to his wife, unknown to his wife, neighbours and anyone other than the doctor. He had ordered not to disclose the secret (and thus made overseas job excuse to his wife)

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