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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

At the time of death...

Many of us think we can live our lives however we want, and then at the time of death just say ‘la illaha illah allah, muhammad rasul allah.’ but at the time of death, the tongue cannot speak—except what the heart commands. Whatever is in the heart will come out. If that heart was full of love for dunya, it is that which will be spoken . If the heart was full of love of status, love of wealth, love of the creation over the creator, it is that which will spoken. If the heart was full of grudges, jealousy, hatred, that will spoken. But if it was full of love of allah, that will be spoken out. If in your life, your heart carried only ‘la illaha illa allah’…that truly there is no refuge, no shelter, no deity worthy of worship but him’—then, only then, will the tongue will be given permission to say: ‘la illaha illah allah, muhammad rasool allah.

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