Friday, January 13, 2012

Might be or May Not be...

O people of faith, know that the wife of a man is his means of serenity, and there is no life worthwhile by contradicting her. So if you wish to marry a woman, then ask about her family, for it is the goodly roots that bear the sweetest fruits. And know that women are extremely different to one another just like the fingers on a hand are different to each other...Al-Khattab ibn al-Mu`alla’ al-Makhzumi (rahimahullah)

1) You might be married to the worst man ever, like A'siyah was married to Pharaoh - but it didn’t change her and her loyalty and love to Allah.

2) You might be married to the best of men, like Prophet of God, and still not enter Heaven - like the wife of Nabi Lu't (a.s).

3) You might be not married to any man, like Maryam (alaiha salam), and Allah can make your rank higher than any women on the Earth. 

Know your priorities. Love and trust is with Allah first.

For shy couples: When you can’t express your gratitude and love in words, show it in action.Do not sacrifice the truth for love, money, or fame. When all fall, the truth will stand to help you even after your death.

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Anonymous said...

Very Nice!!..Masha Allah.


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