Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Knowledge is Better than Beauty.

When Allah granted Prophet Yusuf physical beauty it caused him to be locked up in prison. But when Allah granted him knowledge (interpreting the dream of the King), it not only took him out of prison but elevated his rank in society; clearly showing us the virtue of knowledge and that physical beauty does not mean anything.

Don’t let your love towards someone be more than your love towards Allah. 
Sometimes when you love someone too much, He will take them away just to see who you love most. And if you realize you love someone instead of Him, be careful of that feelings bcoz it only means that you have loved others more than you should love Allah.He will make you realize your mistake but worried should be those who doesn’t realize that they have put other people before Allah. So be careful with your feelings towards anyone/anything for it is a test towards those who have faith. Trust in Allah plans, that if the person was not meant for you, its not because you are not good enough but someone better was meant for you - and Allah is enough for you if only you knew. We do plan and we should, but his are better than ours.


Anonymous said...

Very Well said Bro Hamid!


Hamid said...

I didn't said it. The above quote is of Ibnul Qayyim.(r)


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