Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Love is all you need!

For the Muslim sisters that feel discouraged in this society :Just remember that the noor that shines on your face can't be replaced by face powder,The glow of faith in your eyes can't be replaced by the artificial contact lenses and the will to make sacrifices for Allah outweighs the willing sacrifices we make for this society.

We need to stop making our unmarried/divorced brothers and sisters feel as though they have not yet fulfilled their purpose of creation. It’s a problem that marriage has become the goal of life. This is extremely dangerous and puts our unmarried brothers and sisters in a position where they feel as though they are not yet complete human beings or servants of their Creator. Marriage is not the purpose of life. It is one of many enablers to the purpose of life. Marriage is not the goal of life. It is not the End. It is just one of many *means* to the End: Almighty God.

Don't be sad if Allah (swt) separates you from something or Someone you love.If only you knew what his plans were for you, your heart would melt with the warmth of his Love.

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Good One!!



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