Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cleanliness is from FAITH

Cleanliness does not last, that’s why we brush our teeth and take shower everyday. The same goes for our hearts, we have to pray, remember Allah, recite the Quran and repent to Allah on a regular basis.

The heart is the part of the body, which Allah has favoured over all other parts. It is the place of iman, the place by which the correctness of deeds is judged. So there is no other faculty in the human body and existence that a believer should more concerned about. Woe to those whose hearts hear the Quran and they do not become fearful and humbled as a result of it.~Dr.Bilal

We all sin. That is a certainty. But the choice is ours. Should we follow the footsteps of the one who repented and became a prophet, or follow the one who refused…and became forever cursed?

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