Sunday, November 06, 2011

Beauty of Sacrifice.

Many years ago, Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) made a choice. He loved his son. But His love for Almighty Allah(swt) was even more. The commandment came to sacrifice his son, but it wasn’t his son that was slaughtered. It was his attachment. It was his attachment to anything that could compete with his love for God. And the beauty of such a sacrifice is this: Once you let go off your attachment, what you love will be given back to you—now in a purer and better form. So let us ask ourselves in these beautiful days of sacrifice, which attachments should we need to slaughter?
____ Yasmin Mogahed


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wr...Eid Mubarak to you
Beautiful post.

Hamid said...

Walaikum salam warahmatullahi wabaraktuh.
Shukran...Same to you...Afwan!


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