Thursday, November 17, 2011

All that has been preordained shall come to pass...

You will never completely feel at ease until you firmly belive that Allah has already pre-ordained all matters. The pen has already dried and with it has been written everything that will happen to you. Therefore do not feel remorse over that which is not in your hands.Do not think that you could have prevented the fence from falling, the water from flowing, the wind from blowing, or the glass from breaking. You could not have prevented these things, whether you wanted to or not. All that has been preordained shall come to pass.

For those that are afflicted with disater, glad tidings await them.So remain patient and happy with your lord.
He cannot be questioned as to what he does, while they will be questioned.~ Qur'an:21:23

Then whosoever wills,let him believe,and whosoever wills,let him disbelieve~Qur'an: 18:29.

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