Saturday, October 01, 2011

Bow Down and Be Beautiful

I’ve seen photographers get on their knees to capture an angle,
And painters lay on their backs to cover their canvas
A lover gets on one knee with ring and heart in hand,
And farmers bow their backs as they tilth the land,
So why is it then considered so strange,
For a man to fall in prostration in view plain
Of all, in the middle of that street you know
Is he not an artist, or a lover, with seeds to sow?

 -Ammar al Shukry

A Fact: A scientist proved  that we are more electrically charged now than ever & that is due to the electromagnetic radiations from electonics like Mobile,TV,AC,Micro, etc & if we don’t want this radiation to harm us, we should place our forehead on the floor more than once a day so as the earth can absorb the radiation.
Muslims while praying put their heads down on the floor (prostration) more than 30 times daily...Subhaan Allah

A unknown Shaikh states that once he met a doctor who said, "If women found out the fact that to go into prostration creates beauty in the face, they would not lift their heads from prostration.Entering into prostraion in a relaxed pace is beneficial for internal organs. Prostration in the sunnah way benefits the stomach making it muscular. The sunnah way will relieve any problems with liver, kidney, back or stomach. When in the position of prostration the blood reaches the head effortlessly. In no other postion in salah does the blood reach the head sooner than in prostration. The blood goes to the eyes, brain and other parts of the head and nerves with which the intellect and the eyes become sharp.


Anonymous said...

Peace be upon you.
Amazing facts
Thanks alot.

ireminisces said...

Asalamu alaikum

Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog. May Allah (swt) reward you in this life and in the hereafter, ameen..


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