Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A long journey Indeed...

Love is a long journey . It has many prince and princes with different dreams and desires. In this poem , the poet wants something .. What is it ? Listen ~~~

Written and Melodized by : Nasser AS-Saeed
Translated by : Hanan

No love is real, no love is really lasting -unless it is done for the sake of Allah. This is why love which is done while disobeying allah is usually broken, ends up in hurt, and both parties usually end up as enemies, or go down for other evils after this, unless Allah saves them and blesses them with guidance.

A THOUGHT:Human minds are dazzled by the glamor of the world and are preoccupied with the futile desires and thus have become dull and rusty.They are  not capable of comprehending the reality of the truths.

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