Monday, August 01, 2011

Qur'anic Quotient

An Open Online Quranic Quiz Competition

For the blind, its hearing is enough,it’s love without sight,For the deaf, it’s sight is enough, it’s love without hearing,O’ this sweet voice, O’ this sweet sight,Now I’m in love.

Time:One full Month (Ramadan)
Venue:Your own home/hostel/room
InvigilatorAlmighty Allah (swt)
Total Questions: 41
Submit at :
Total points:3000

  • The participants must submit their name, city,country and profession along with the answer list & send it to the above mentioned email before 29th of  ramadan.

  • The result and the top scorers (1000-3000 points) will be announced after Eid-ul-fitr Inshallah.

  • Try to Answer all the Questions, as each question carries 50 points except the last one which is of 1000 points.

  • Participants must provide the proof for their answers from the Noble Qur'an where ever necessary .If not you may also give a direct answer with relevant explanation.

1. What is the biggest Question Allah (swt) has asked you and you  have answered it correctly ?

2. Which is the best color according to Qur'an ?

3. Which one verse describes Islam completely according to majority of scholars of the past and the present ?

4. Which verse is the biggest proof of monotheism and no other proof can be equivalent to it ?

5. Which is the smallest and the biggest verse?

6. Whom does Qur'an consider as the intelligent ones and whom as the ignorant ones?

7. Which verse forecast the fact that a time will come when the female population out numbers the male population so much so that a man needs to look after 50 women as per one hadith?

8. Which organ of human being develop's first in a mother's womb according to the Glorious Quran?

9. What is that which is not a living thing, but breaths daily and is mentioned in Qur'an ?

10. Which verse gives us the hint of the  modern means of transport system, and the advance technology?

11. Who was she who was sent as a divine sign for a certain group of  people but they rejected  and killed her?

12. Who is that,  whose plots and plans are stronger than shaitaan according to Qur'an?

 13. Which fruit is the best nourishment for mothers at the time of pregnancy/delivery according to Qur'an?

14. Which is the most striking verse that instills fear in you if you ponder upon?

15. Who was he who  appeared in the form of an angel in front of a group of women?

16. Who received divine guidance/revelation but was not a Nabi or Rasool?

17. Who are those human beings who will not get married with the maidens in paradise?

18. What is that which is halal in other days but haram in ramadan days ?

19. What is that glad tiding Allah (swt) has given to the disbelievers but not to the believers?

20. Which is the best and safest antibiotic mentioned in Qur'an?

21. Which part of the earth has seen the sun only once and will never see it again till the last day?

22. What is that which was asked to stop by the mother of a prophet but didn't stop till today?

23. With what words the angel of death welcome's a pious person at his/her death bed?

24. Name the prayers which are wajib and can be said without facing the Qibla?

25. Name the last surah which contain only one letter in it?

26. Name a  living creation that Allah (swt) created from wood unlike Adam from (dust) shaitan from (fire) and angels from (light).

27. Name the animal which can be eaten even if it is dead in the first place.

28. Name the creeper which stood without a support and which provided food for a prophet .

29. Name the fruit which is the most blessed and is mentioned in Qur'an.

30. Name the two countries mentioned in the Qur'an.

31. Name the name which is repeated in every ayah of one sura in Qur'an.

32. Name the bird that has taught us one of the important responsibility as a Muslim and mention that responsibility too.

33. Name the surah which does not contain the name of the sura in it.

34. Mention the verse which laid the foundation for the invention of biometric machine.

35. Name the sura  which is read only once in the entire prayer.

36. Name the fourteen things which has spoken to Allah?

37. Name the house in which no one lives, the steps which cannot be traced and the prayer which can be said without  making  wudu. (all the three are mentioned in quran)

38. Name the meat which is unlawful to eat but is eaten by many, without cooking.

39. Name the drink that should be drink , even during the fast.

40. Name the ten couples Allah mentioned in  the glorious Qur'an who are promised to be given Paradise in hereafter.

41.What is the similarity/co-relation between the ninth month of islamic calendar and the birth of a baby after nine months according to your  point of view/ analysis?


Umm Sulaym said...

Mashaa'Allah...very interesting questions to motivate people to go through the Quraan.

Inshaa'Allah will try to answer these!

Wasalamu 'alaykum warahmatullah,
-Umm Sulaym

Hamid said...

Glad to hear that u will try to answer these questions. May Allah help you.


Anonymous said...

Assalaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu..

InshaAllaah i will take the quiz, and may Allaah reward you abundantly for your efforts, Ameen

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Bro Hamid..
Hope you are doing good in the month of Ramadan..
Jazak Allah khair for sharing such an informative question from Noble Book of Allah
These question are tough for me, as per my state of ilm.. but Insha Allah i will try to find the answers for them.

Hamid said...

@ Umm Abdul Azeez~ Walaiikum salam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu.

That's good of you.

Ameen & Same to you.

@ mfv~ walaikum salam.

Alhumdulilla I'm doing smoothly.

They seem to be tough but are really easy except few,i know it would be difficult for many to provide verses for each and every question. It's ok even if u given direct answers.

Anyways try to find as many as you can.

wa iyyakum.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum BrO Hamid


Im submitting my answers today .plz consider though im very late..
Sister in islam

AimeItuAi said...

Assalamualaikum brother. I was wondering if you will make another quiz for Ramadan this year. Please say you will.

Hamid said...

Walaikumsalam ukhtee.
Ins sha Allah I will try to put soon.


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