Saturday, August 27, 2011

People whom You Love

O Allah, I thank you for a beautiful childhood and I thank you for all the love in my life. Please forgive me, because You know when I sinned and why I sinned. Please remove those temptations from my heart that made me sin and please Ya Rabb, remove the ignorance that made me err and replace it with the light of Islam. And please replace me with a companionship of people whom You Love. Indeed the road I’ve embarked is extremely lonely and sometimes I want to give up and join Your creatures. I don’t know where to go from here if  I give up on everything that I so strongly wanted. So please grant me istiqamah in all acts of khayr because I know, I will face major destruction if You don’t. And also please remove from me, the love of this Dunia and increase me in my Love for You and the A'khira. Save me Ya Allah, from the Shayateen, their whispers and my lowly Nafs. I call onto You Alone and I display my weakness to You Alone because Only You listen to a slave’s dua. Ameen.

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