Sunday, May 22, 2011

The beard and the Interview.

Once a person went for an interview and got the job with the condition that he should remove the beard. The person refused and left the interview room. On his way out he saw a picture depicting Jesus (pbuh) on the wall. Taking this off, he presented this to the interviewer's and said, 'If Jesus (pbuh) came to the interview, would you have told him the same.' The interviewer's were dumbfound, the person left leaving the picture with them.

This is the attitude Muslims should have, meaning, if you want our expertise then you take us as we are physically and spiritually.

P.S: A less similar incident has occurred with me too. My  lady manager told me that, you have got everything we are looking for, but the only thing  which is stopping me to select you, is your beard.So I said to her that I cannot compromise my Identity and my belief,  and this is my inner voice too.Then I left and came back home and later on send her an article 'Scientific benefits of Beard' and asked her to read and reflect, and mentioned at the end of the article that If still, there comes a problem of  ' It's our  Hospital's  Policy' then I cannot say more than this ' To you, your benefits and to me, mine '.

By Allah's grace she read and realized the truth. Next day I was called again and finally got selected.


Anonymous said...

Assalmualaikum. Can you send me the link of the scientific benefits of the beard article too?

Hamid said...

walaikum salam.

Actually,I compiled an article using different sources from web and I send her a Microsoft word file.

Hamid said...

Im posting the article here...

A beard is a gift given to man by his creator just as he gifted women with long and beautiful locks of hair.

A beard grown by a man, serves the purpose (fairly and logically) of being a symbol of masculinity and allows, beyond any reasonable doubt, the correct identification of men from women in most situations.

"I don't understand why people feel uncomfortable growing a beard. When people have hair on their heads then what is the problem with keeping the hair on the face. If a person is suffering from loss of hair on the head then the person feels shy but it is astonishing that people today shave their beard with pleasure. A long beard saves a person from the cold affects reaching the neck....

We find that the beard is not only a command of the sacred law but beneficial for a person too. The Doctors and Philosophers of many years ago would keep a beard; take for instance, Charles Darwin, Louis Pastor, Abraham Lincon and many others. It is only recently people have been removing it.

According to the researches of herbalists, allowing the beard to grow prevents a person from contracting diseases of the throat and of the gums.
Robert J. Pelligrini, a psychologist from California State University published the results of an experiment on the perception as a function of different state of beardedness or beardlessness. To carry out the experiment, Pelligrini hired eight full-bearded young men from the ages of 22-25 years, who were willing to have their beards completely shaved off. All men were professionally photographed in each of the following states:
1. Full beard
2. Goateed
3. Mustached
4. Clean shaven
Upon completion of the photographic sessions, there were a total of thirty two photographs i.e. four photos of each of the eight men. In the experiment, those photos were randomly distributed to subjects who were asked to rate their first impression based on a number of personality traits. The subjects who evaluated the photos compromised 64 male and 64 female psychology students. Hence, each photo was judged by two males and two females.

The result of this study by Pelligrini indicated a generally positive correlation between the amount of hair on the person's face and his being perceived as masculine, good looking, dominant, mature, courageous, liberal, non-confirming, older healthy and attractive.

Scientific benefits for having a Beard
1 A beard protects the face from harmful chemicals, and pollution in the air, which will cause cell damage, and increase wrinkling and bad skin. So keeping a beard protects your skin from the elements, reduces wrinkles, ageing, and bad skin.
2 The beard covers the skin, which protects the sebaceous glands from being infected by acne vulgaris bacteria, thus preventing acne/spots/pimples!
3 Keeping your face warmer and protects your chin from dangers.
4 It prevents disease of throat and gums.
5 Most of the respiratory problems are prevented by keeping beard.
6 It is the identity for a man with respect to woman.
7 Research says the longer and thicker the beard the wiser the person is supposed to be.
8 What is the total time spent in shaving by a man in his whole lifetime? Dr. Herbert Mescon from Boston University did research to give an answer to this question. Dr. Mescon calculated that if a teenager begin shaving at the age of 15, then in his 55 or so years of shaving, he is likely to spend about 3350 hours (which are equivalent to about 139 full days) at this task in his lifetime. That is an incredible amount of time which literally goes down the drain. You can add to it thousands of dollars one spends during his lifetime on products for shaving (razors, shaving gels, after-shave lotions etc).

Hamid said...

It is interesting to note that according to a new scientific research, it has shown that compared with the hair of the head, the hair of the beard has a faster swelling rate and higher reaction rate with a variety of reagents due to the less extensive disulphide bonding in it. This may suggest that the hair of the beard has more capacity to absorb harmful vapors in the air before they affect the face.

Some other reasons, wise men give, to grow a beard are as follows:
1)It changes your appearance.
2)It looks better, more handsome, with a beard.
3)It is something natural thing to do.
4)It is the manly thing to do.
5)It suits man’s personality.
6)You look more distinguished from others.
7)Saves from sunburn in summer and protects from cold in the winter.
8)Sign of external piety
9)All the Prophets (peace be upon them all) had beards.
10)It hides facial defects of a person.
11)It is a cure for razor bumps on the face.
12)The fact that men can grow beards is a characteristic that nature has given us to distinguish ourselves from the female gender.
13)It makes a man look even manlier, and handsome. Men should look as masculine as they can. It's one of those things that separate the men from the boys (or girls).

14)Women wear makeup; men grow beards. Growing a beard has been a moral and divine tradition of all sages, scholars, philosophers including many scientists too.

15)It is evident that God intended for men to grow the beard. Therefore, we should think twice before propagating clean-shaven values to others.

A poet said:

Glorified be He who beautifies women with long locks of hair
And Men with long beards
There is beauty in the beard
Aye, there is indeed beauty in the beard!

Thus, beard is a grace and beauty for males. If a man shaves his beard, he in fact deprives himself of the real and natural beauty, since it shames the face of the man and takes away from it, nobility.


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