Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Coming Social Collapse in America.

Americans have passed through many stages from arranged marriage to love marriage to live in relationships to dual income no kids (DINKs) to freindship for lust to single living and don't know what's in for the future.On the other hand, homosexuality is spreading very rapidly, as many as 7.2 million Americans under age 20 are lesbian or gay.

It is very sad to see that now a days bollywood is floating the concept of love marriage, live in relationship, DINKs( dual income no kids), friendship for lust, homosexuality and single living is mostly in every movie.These movies do nothing good to the society but are just sucking out modesty from the society and injecting immodesty in to the country in the name of entertainment.

The American social system is in serious trouble.Becasue of this the marriage rate and birth rate is coming down very drastically in America.The Americans are cutting the branch on which they are sitting.As Ibn Khaldun rightly said in his Muqaddimah: "Each dynasty has within itself the seeds of its own downfall." America has already witnessed its economic collapse and the social collapse is not very far. 

This current social system of america looks very attractive and glittering but when we go deep in to it, we will realize that it is just hollow inside.We need to establish a social system as per the divine guidance which is very much necessary so as to have a strong, happy and a successful country ~Syed Kazim/Radiance views weekly

A Noble Prize winner(non muslim)  said:The Social crisis within the western world is due to the both spouses not playing the role they should play.

Meaning: The husband should provide for the family, and the woman should help the husband in the home to raise the children and the household.Once each party plays their role, a complimentary and complete relationship will form. The husband is the provider for the house, and the wife uses this provision to grow the fruits (i.e. children).

Marriages whose foundation are upon materialistic gains will end in chaos and crisis sooner or later, because the novelty,beauty, wealth and infatuation doesn't last forever. At the end of the day what remains is the religion and good character. With the religion one can be sure that she would be doing what is obligatory upon her and with good character she would always win the love of her husband even when the infatuation, which all agree is a short stage, goes away~A wise slave.


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that is definitely what I was searching for, You have saved me alot of time

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That's good to know. Thank Q!

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This is wonderful blog. I love it.


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