Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Seven.

I have been asked to write only  7 facts about myself by one of  my blog reader. So here are those seven:

1) I'm an introvert and shy guy whose thinking standards are always higher than his living ones.

2) I have purchased only 5 pairs of foot wear and 12 pairs of dresses in the last decade.

3) I haven't purchased my personal cell phone yet.

4) I never see or judge myself from people's view irrespective of his/her relationship with me.

5) I have only one close friend.

6) I prefer milk over tea, fruits over chocolates and bread over rice.

7) I seldom play, laugh and worry.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm and pls may I ask who is ur 'only one close friend' ?? lol it better be me yeah!lol hehe just kidding ;p I hope you and ur beloved family are all well with eman insha'Allah! Masha'Allah ur Blog is looking great and very informative Masha'Allah keep it up Akhi! Lots of Love and Respect for the pleasure of the Almighty! :D

Anonymous said...

P.s subhana'Allah u aint the only one, I dont have my personal cell phone too lol Alhamdulilah :)

Hamid said...

The one, who is my close friend, knows about me more than what i know of myself and who take care of me more than my family do.

Alhumdulillah your hope is right and Im glad enough, to hear from you.

aww that's amazing to know that you too dont have personal phone.

Anonymous said...

Where are you from ?

Hamid said...


Anonymous said...

Masha'Allah, Salams from Canada :)

Aneebaba said...

Wow bhaya, interesting facts! No phone! haha. Good boy! As for (6) that is impressive - I love fruits, but I'm addicted to chocolate! I love milk in my tea and only have milk after spicy food, if I don't have any yogurt. I like bread (naan, paratha, baguettes too!)

Anonymous said...

why is the 5th line blank??

Hamid said...

@ anonymous~oh! it was not blank in the first place, rather the line was in white color, that's y u were not able to read and now i changed it to black.

SHUKRAN for letting me know abt it.

@ aneebaba~ bhout jhoob bhai. nice to know that.

@ anonymous~ walaikum salam. Wow!Welcome!


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