Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One has seen nothing in life if...

One never tires of gazing at the sight of the House of Allah, the Kaa'ba. The site upon which the mercy and blessings of Allah are constantly descending. There is truly nothing comparable to the House of Allah on this Earth. People wish time would stand still so they 
could keep gazing at the Kaa'ba; their thirst is never quenched, rather it increases.

Once, while on a visit to Washington, people told me that a woman had accepted Islam and had some questions for me. They told me that many non-practicing Muslim women had started practicing again due to her. At prayer time she would dress in her best clothes as if readying herself for someone special, and would become oblivious to everything around her as soon she started praying.

After a brief question and answer session, I asked her what prompted her to accept Islam. She sighed and started explaining; "I was a Jew and my husband was a Christian who was posted in Saudi Arabia for some technical work. Everyday I used to see Muslim men and women dressed in white on their way somewhere. I asked my husband where they were going and he told me that they go to perform pilgrimage at the Muslim shrine of Kaa'ba. I expressed a desire to go but he told me that non-Muslims were not allowed. However, I was determined and so we both bought white clothes and set out. Fortunately no one stopped us and we reached Makkah, from where we found directions to the Kaa'ba. Upon seeing the Kaa'ba our eyes froze and time seemed to stand still. When we turned to look at each other after some time, we were both crying. With our eyes we told each other that this was the Truth and we should accept Islam. No one ever told me about Islam, but there were so many blessings descending on that House that they changed my life forever."

The blessings of Tawhid descend in Makkah, and the blessings of Prophet hood descend in Madinah. One has seen nothing in life if he has not seen these two holy sites. May Allah give all Muslims the opportunity to visit to His House.

Source: Excerpt from a speech of Shaikh Zulfiqar - 


MuslimFirst said...

Ma'sha'allah! What a beautiful and touching story! I found it especially so, as I have yet to see the al-Kaaba in person. I actually got tears in my eyes as I read that line describing the couple as they froze and gazed at the Majestic House of Allah.

Just wondering though, they were able to go unnoticed - I wonder how often this happens.

It's amazing, how someone who was non-Muslim actually drives those who may have been slack in their Faith - this seems like a increasing tread; that former non-Muslims (or even non-Muslims outright) are doing the job that we should be doing.

One recent example is concerning the Qur'an burning attempt by Terry Jones - this only caused more people to go out and seek information about and a copy of the Qur'an. Or even as a direct result of the attention he received, it caused Muslims to share more about the Qur'an or hand out free copies in large numbers.

We are all part of that daily struggle to better our Islam, but it makes me sad those who are from a Muslim background and don't seem to be tyring, though Allah Knows and Sees what I cannot see, but at least from an outward perspective, I wish some would try harder in some of the outward expressions of our Faith. May Allah (swt) Help us all to Please Him as He would like and more often. Ameen!

Jazak'Allahu Khairan for another gem of a post akhi :-)

Br. MF

Hamid said...

@ MF~ Yes bro!Me too got tears while reading the same line.

They were unnoticed because of the dress they wore at that time.

As kabah being the center of the earth it acts like a powerful spiritual magnet attracting people from all over the globe.

YEA terry Jones plotted against Quran and it went against him.I guess he learned a big lesson from this.

Truth is like a spring,if u press it ,it will come up with more pressure.

Agree with u akhee.Ameen to your dua.

Thank you MF for dropping by.

stargazer said...

:'( worth reading. Thank u

Anonymous said...

assalam alaikum,

long time, no see.

I hope you are doing good. wsalam


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