Monday, August 09, 2010

My Exclusive Ramadan Plan.

1) To pray seven prayers daily and will try to feel the fragrance of faith in Fajr, calmness in Zuhr, essence in Asr, mercy in Magrib,Incense in Isha and Tranquility in Taraweeh and Tahajjud.InshAllah I will try to lead the Taraweeh prayers along with my friend in my flat,Allah (swt) willing.

2) To do seventy times IT~ Istigfar and Tauba.To use siwak (natural 
tooth brush) befor every wudu and apply perfume before every prayer.
To supplicate the masnoon dua's and to maintain the islamic etiquettes in the daily routine.

3) To sleep for seven hours with wudu (ablution), six hours during 
night and one hour during day.I will try to recite Sura-e-Mulk before 
going to bed and Sura-e-Rahman after getting out from bed.

4) To study Qur'an for seven hours: Three hours for memorisation and revision,two hours for reflection and contemplation upon its translation and commentary and remaning two hours for reading important Islamic books and Magazines.

5) To sharpen my SIS ~ Seven Interpersonal Skills: Reading , Reciting, Reflecting, Reasoning, Remembering, Relishing Ramadhan and Racing for my forgiveness.

6) Though I will be fasting from dawn till dusk, I will nourish my heart and soul with fruits of faith, my mind and memory with bytes of knowledge and wisdom and my stomach with morsels of people's rough n bitter words (if they speak) and drink out my anger.

7) Although I would be wearing clean clothes, I will put upon an exclusive dress of piety, which if stained, will wash with soap of istighfar and apply in it some perfume of faith.

8) I will try my utmost best to take care of my heart during my prayers, of my throat during my meals (sehri and dinner), of my eyes during my walk and of my toungue during my presence amongst people.

9) When life becomes too hard for me to stand, I will try to kneel down on my knees and bow down on my elbows to taste the sweetness of sabr (patience) and the delicacies of thirst and hunger.

10) Though I cannot swim, I will try to take a few big dives in the deep and vast ocean of knowledge present inside the Qur'an inorder to search for some precious pearls and share them with you someday, Almighty willing.

11) Though Im not a doctor,I will try to cure on my own the moral ,pshycological,mental and emotional ailments using the spiritual doses( 0% side effects) from Qur'an and Sunnah .

12) Though Im not an engineer, I will try to build for myself and for my parents, few Palaces in Paradise.

13) Though Im not a leader,I will try to lead my soul on the Track of Truth and on the Path of Paradise.

14) Though i do not have a bank balance, I will try to give heaps of Sadaqa (Charity) in the form of attarctive advices, woderful words, sweet smiles.I will lend my humble hands (to do someone's work), lend my ears to hear someones sorrow and someones success and by praying for someones health and happiness.

15) I will pray profusely every day, before dawn and dusk for the Scholars and the da'ees,for the imprisoned brothers and sisters,for the lonely widows and orphans,for the muslim couples and thier families across the globe, for their faith and trust, health and wealth, peace and ease, dignity and honor and for their unity and integrity.

My Ramadhan Request: Eat a little - chew more,Sleep a little - work more,Have a little - give more, Read a little - learn more, and finally think me a little but pray more if you can~Hamid


ishqia said...

wow.. that was an amazing post. you are a master of words. i just loved the way you expressed each and every point.. mashallah.. may Allah help you to fulfill all of these.. Ramadan mubarak

MuslimFirst said...

Ma'sha'allah brother, that was lovely - such soft and sweet words to describe each task - as Sr. Ishqia said above. I too, hope and pray that you will accomplish all that you desire during the Holy Month. Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family.

MuslimFirst said...

Salaam bro - I think you misunderstood my comment on my blog - I am home now, in the States, but I spend most of the year in Europe due to school.

Oh, MF is just short for MuslimFirst, hehe.

BubbliMuslima said...

mashAllah such a beautiful post.
inshaAllah you accomplish all that you wish for this Ramadan inshaAllah :)

Samsad Jahan said...

Impressed. :D

Hamid said...

@ ishqia~ shukran for you encouraing comment.I would say that im neither a slave ,nor a master of words but simply a user of it.Ameen to your dua and a beautiful n blissful Ramadan Mubarak to you too.

@Muslim first~ shukran akhee for your lovely lines.Inshallah i have made a strong determination to do what all i have said. A hearty and a lovely ramadhan mubarak to you and your faithful family.Thanks for letting me know about MF.

@ bubblimuslima~Inshallah i will follow my words with my actions too.thanks for dropping by as usual.

@ samsad jahan~ Its easy to impress slaves but difficult to please the master of slaves.

Samsad Jahan said...

thats why we get nothing impressing slave, but get everything impressing the Master. Pleasing people is impossible, when pleasing Allah is possible so we should strive for it.

Hamid said...

@ samsad jahan~ Undoubtly!!!

Agree completely with your views.
Acknowledge your knowledge and aapreciate your + attitude.

Anonymous said...

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