Friday, July 09, 2010

Precious Moments!

At-Tanooki gave the account of a governon in Baghdad who usurped the wealth of an old lady in his province.He took away all of her rights and confiscated her property.She went to him,wept before him,and complained of his opression and wrongdoing.He was neither regretful nor ashamed of what he had done.In a firt of anger,she said, "I will pray against you." He laughed at her in mockery and said, "Then you should pray in the last third of the night." His arrogance had made him sat this to her.She went away, and in accordance with the governor's mock-advice she was steadfast in praying during the last third of the night.Ie was only a matter of days before he was violently removed from office.As a reward for his tyranny,his properties were seized,and he was publicy whipped.After the whipping,the old lady passed by him and said,"You did well! You advice me to pray in the last third of the night and I found the results to be most favourable."
Lesson:The last third of the night is very precious time in our lifes why?During this time Allah,the exalted says: "Is there someone who is asking,and I will give to him.Is there someone who is seking forgiveness,and I will forgive him.Is there someone who is supplicating,and I will answer him."
Moral: How you deal with others is how you will be dealth with.
Source:From the book Dont be sad.


BubbliMuslima said...

subhannallah! Allah swt has power over all things, alhamduLilah!

Anonymous said...

Can you add the previous graphic you had on the top of your page? Or can you send me the link where you got it from? Jazakallah.

Hamid said...

salam sis bubbli. Indeed he has power over all things.jazakallahukahiran for reading the post.

@anonymous~Ya i have added the pic at the bottom side of my page.You can have take it.shukran for asking.Take whatever you want without permission.


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