Thursday, June 17, 2010

Be Easy With The True Lovers.

On the authority of al-Asma‘ī, that he said, “I was once walking in the village when I came across a stone. Someone had written on it:

أيا معشر العشاق بالله خبروا **** إذا حل عشق بالفتى كيف يصنع
O lovers! By Allah, tell me!If a young man is overcome by love, what should he do?

So I wrote underneath it:يداوي هواه ثم يكتم سره **** ويخشع في كل الأمور ويخضع
Let him treat his desire, then conceal his secret and humble himself in every matter and submit (before his Lord)

I returned the next day and I found written underneath it:فكيف يداوي والهوى قاتل الفتى **** وفي كل يوم قلبه يتقطع
But how can it be treated when that desire fights the man and every day his heart is torn to pieces?!

So I wrote underneath it:إذا لم يجد صبراً لكتمان سره **** فليس له شيء سوى الموت أنفع
If he is unable to be patient with concealing his secret then there is nothing for him except death that will benefit!

I then returned on the third day to find a young man lying dead at the stone. I said, ‘Lā hawla wa lā quwwata illā billāhil-‘Alī’l-‘Adhīm!’ and found that he had written before his death:سمعنا , أطعنا , ثم متنا فبلغوا **** سلامي إلى من كان للوصل يمنع

We have heard and we have obeyed; now we have died so tell everyoneMy salām to the one who prevented me from attaining her.

(Narrated by al-Abshīhī in al-Mustatrif, 1/410)

So dear brothers and sisters, next time we give advice to such people, just remember you’re dealing with hearts full of love not vessels full of stone.

"Love is neither disapproved by religion,nor prohibited by the law (shariah) ,for every heart is in Allah's hand." ~Ibn hazm.

When someone falls in love, all rationale goes out of the window, all common sense is discarded, family ties are walked over and best friends suddenly have become the ‘enemy’.

It is a truly desperate state of affairs. “Love” a fragile emotion yet so strong and profound that it takes control of our every sense. ~Abu esa.


Khadijah C. said...

Masha'Allah!!! =)

Sweet stories you post... Always looking forward to your stories!

Khadijah C.

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

welcome sis khadijah.
Sweet comment u have dropped by.shukran for that.That's nice to know.


ishqia said...

In a situation when a man falls in love with a woman or vice versa, the best solution is to propose and get married. if that is not possible then patience and trust in Allah is the solution, not death. perhaps if the person in the story had more trust in Allah,Allah would have rewarded him in much better way.but instead he listened to the whispers of shaitan and hurried towards his death.he not only lost this world but also the hereafter.

Many people in love cross every limit which bound them, if they only have imaan then they know the love for Allah is greater to strive for.and by the blessing of Allah is the success of this world and hereafter.

In most cases strong love and passion occurs when one follows the footsteps of satan and does not guard his gaze.

islam encourages love only after marraige.And indeed the love between husband and wife , the way it develops and strengthens is beautiful. What an amazing and strong bond Allah creates between two complete strangers,I thank Allah when i feel the beauty of my relationship with my husband.

beautiful blog, thought provoking posts, u have a beautiful gift, Do try writing stories for muslim kids in simple words making them feel the beauty of islam ,and love for Allah.

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

Agree with you from top to bottom and right to left.

Mashallah great to know that.
We'll im neither a writer nor a poet.Anyways i will try writing one, one day Inshallah.

shukran kaseeran for your beautiful and lengthy comment.

BubbliMuslima said...

Asalamu Aliakum bor, just wanted to say awesome blog, i love the posts, looking forward to more inshallah.

BubbliMuslima said...

btw bro can i post the pic, that u use as ur banner, on my blog? its a great reminder.

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

walaikum salam sis bubbli.
jazakallahu khaira for dropping by. well what bleongs to me that you need to take permission for.Take whatever you want and however u want.

ishqia said...

mashallah its a beautiful header

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

@ishqia~Ya its awesome,I wanna remind my self always about the undeniable and ineveitable reality.


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