Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Plea Of A Poor.

An Incredible Imaginative story.

There was a poor man who had a great amount of wealth of contentment and piety.Though he was poor he was also generous.He had no sons but only a daughter who was as beautiful as the full bright moon.Her personality too was exemplary as she had manners of wise and humilty of poor.Her faith was unbreakble and her courage too was unbreakable.Her father used to work in a beautiful garden of dates and grapes.One day as he was working under the sun he raised his hands and head towards the sky, with tears of fear and hope in his eyes he said these lines ....Neither for palaces nor for gardens.....O Allah !Working im but for my beloved.Please do send me a son(in law) for my dear daughter.Verily you are able to do all things.

No sooner he finished his plea,he saw someone coming towards him who was very charming in appearence and fine in personality too.As he approached him,the man realised that he is none but a young prince.The prince greeted him ,the man welcomed him very courteously and after talking about something the prince asked the man- Dear uncle,do you know what I have come here for?He said-I think you have come for some grapes and dates or to have some cool water.The prince nodding his head said,No! I have come for something better.The man said-May be you want to purchase this beautiful garden.The prince once again nodding his said-No! No! I have come for something much better than that.The man surprisingly inquired the prince-Dear,What better do you see then?Replied the prince-Dear uncle,did'nt you heard of this hadith which says that the whole world is but a provision and the best provision is a pious woman.The man replied.Yes! I heard it and it's true but dear how did you know that I have a daughter?
The prince replied with a sober smile on his face-Well, as I was passing by this garden towards my palace,I happened to listen your tearful plea.When i heard it,i said to myself within myself: Aah! "If this man could be so good ,how better his daughter would be and though Im a prince I cannot be the richest until i get the best provision of this planet".So dear uncle will you accept me as your son(in-law)? The man unable to control his emotions, fell in to prostation to praise and thank Allah Azza wajallah for accepting his plea in no time.

Raising thereafter the man said to the charming prince-Indeed my dear son! Every heart search for its friend/companion and i think Allah(swt) wants my dauhgter to be yours(Queen).The prince face blushed with beautiful smile to hear such fine and faithful words and suddenly he embraced him with love and compassion.

The story ends here but not the imagination,so strech your's now and do the incredible i.e proceed the story yourself as you wish and as long as you can but in an Islamic tone/style/way.All the best for the rest.


Amira said...

Mashallah such a cute story.

MuslimFirst said...

Aww, ma'sha'allah, lovely and beautiful story.

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

@Amira-How cute it will be if it turns in to a reality.

@Muslimfirst-True akhee.Love makes every sour thing sweet and every pain,gain.

Madeeha said...

salam alaikum brother, nice blog!
do u write all these stories by yourself? or do you collect short stories from different places? mashaAllaah great writing / really good collection!

Hamid said...

walaikum salam sister madeeha.
welcome here!
I write short stories and articles sometimes,not real but imaginative ones.All because of Allah's grace n guidance.Shukran kaseeran for your humble compliments.


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