Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pay The People Thier True Due.

Everyone has some rights over others and everything too, has the same over something else.

If people today purposely deny from fulfilling the rights of others (family members,realtives,neighbours,friends etc),will be forced to pay the due tomorrow in some way or the other or will simply suffer here and severely in hereafter.

Their good intentions,good deeds and good ties with others will defenitely bring them a good and great fortune,sooner or later.If they don't think so,let them do and see.Paradise and hell too are true,if they can't believe,then let them die and see.

What little they may loose today will come in abundance tomorrow.Nature indeed has its own style of returning the loss.What have you lost that makes you cry? What have you bought,that you have lost? What have you made,that got finished?

Remember what is your's today was someone's yesterday and will be of someone else tomorrow.The simple truth is that alone you came here (in this world) and so shall you will leave (for hereafter).

Fortunate are those who strive for good openly and secretly but sincerely, before comes a time where a king is reported to have said on his death-bed these silent words: "If I had known that life could be this small,I wouldn't have done what I have done."

The conclusion is : Precaution and Prevention from sins now is better than regretting and repenting over it later.

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