Monday, December 14, 2009

Wise words regarding wealth

Ibn Mas’ood radiyallaahu `anhumaa, said, “Certain faith (yaqeen) is that you do not
make the people happy by angering Allaah, and that you do not envy anyone for that
which Allaah has provided, and that you do not blame anyone for something which
Allaah has not given you – since provision will not be brought on by a persons craving after it, nor will it be repelled by a persons disliking it. Indeed Allaah through His Justice has made joy and happiness dependant upon having certain faith and contentment, and He has made worries and sorrow spring from doubt and

One of the Salaf (predecessors) said: “Since predecree (qadr) is a reality then craving is futile. Since treachery exists in people’s characters then trusting everybody is to expose oneself to humiliation. Since death awaits everybody, then being satisfied with this world is foolishness.”

A wise man said, “The people who have the greatest degree of restlessness are the
envious, those who have the greatest degree of happiness are the contented. Those who
persevere most through suffering are those who are covetous. Those who have the
simplest and most pleasant life are those who most strongly refuse this world. The one who will suffer the greatest regret is the scholar whose actions contradict his

It was said to a wise man, “So and so has amassed wealth,” so he said, “Then has he
amassed days in which to spend it?” It was said, “No” So he said, “Then he has
amassed nothing!”

Source:The Evil Of Craving For Wealth And Status By: al-Haafidh ibn Rajab al-Hanbalee

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