Monday, December 28, 2009

Intelligent decision.

This is a fictional story and surely will have a fictional answer.

There was a muslim woman who used to live her life fairly and cooly.
After a few years it happened so that her husband,her son and her brother were found guilty of some big crime and according to the law of that land the judge ordered that they will be hanged on so and so date.The woman was deeply saddened by the decision but didnt lose the rope of hope.Finally the day approached and every one gathered there to see the scene(hanging of three peopele) including that woman.It is known that miracles can happen anytime.The judge felt pity for that woman and out of his mercy he put forth one order saying that she can only free any one from the three to live the rest of her life with.The gathering goes astonished at the decision she makes after thinking for a while.The judge too was amazed and was compelled by his soul to free the three because of her decision and intelligent reason.

Now you tell me whom she saves and why?Give the reason intelligently if you can.


Anonymous said...

the brother, becuase she can get married again and has a new child. As for her brother she can not have another one (if her parents were died!)

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

Congratulations to anonymous.

The answer reflects your intelligence and your fine analysis.

Could i know who your are in breif if not in detail.
I would also like to know-Have you read this book 'Gems and jewels'-Abdul malik mujahid.


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